Bermuda grass improves fairways

by Rich Isaac

We’re committed to improving River Downs to be the course our golfers want it to be, so I want to take a moment to talk about an improvement we’re in the process of right now. Many of you may have seen the work on several of the fairways.  What we have undertaken is a process called sprigging.  This process involves taking rolls of Bermuda grass and breaking them into tiny pieces and planting them into the fairway.  The goal of this is to convert the fairways into Bermuda grass.  What are the advantages of Bermuda, you ask?  There are several! Bermuda is very aggressive and will spread into divots very quickly.  Bermuda forms a very dense surface, which will greatly improve the playability of the fairways.  It also requires less pesticides and water and is thus environmentally friendly.  I know it is an inconvenient process while it is being done but hopefully many of you have seen the earlier fairways we have done like the greenside of number 1, as well as the 2nd and 15th fairways.  We recently did fairways number 4, 10, 12 and the tee side of number 9.  This is about half of the fairways and we won’t be doing any more this season. If all goes according to plan the fairways we sprigged this summer will have grown in by this fall and some bunkers will have been renovated.  

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