Bunker improvements are underway

by Rich Isaac

This fall we have begun some much-needed work on our bunkers.  Most of the bunkers have had their sand removed at this point.  The next step in this process will be to redo the drainage in the bunkers and then in the spring when the weather has improved we hope to replace the sand for a fresh start to the season.  Adding the drainage will take most of the winter. It is a good off-season project for our crew, and for the next several weeks, leaf removal will be our number one priority.  I also want to wait until spring in case we have a lot of snow or heavy rainfall like we had earlier in October, which would cause them to wash out. Please bear with us during this phase of improvements. We hope to have everything completed and looking great by the spring. If you have any questions, stop in the clubhouse and look.

Posted by admin at Oct 31, 2013 Category: Course Improvements
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