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Family meals by Liberatore’s!

River Downs Golf Club and Liberatore’s of Eldersburg collaborate to support our community!

In this extraordinary time it is important that we all help support local businesses, those who will truly feel the most impact from closures and bans.

We are pleased to announce that River Downs Club House will serve as a remote location for Liberatore’s of  Eldersburg Carry Out. 

Below is a carry out menu, directly from Liberatore’s, featuring four fabulous meals for Friday nights.  Get great Italian cuisine from Liberatore’s with the convenience of picking up for carry out at the River Downs Club House. 

All orders must be called in and paid for by 12:00pm on Fridays for pick up between 4:00pm and 7:00 pm Fridays. Please call 410.526.2000 to place your orders

The same menu and pricing is available directly from for pick up at their location.

Don’t forget, golf and the range are still OPEN! Keep Calm and Golf On!


Hello Everybody!! Giusseppe MangiaPasta Here!!

Some great family meals at a valued price while

you’re home with your family



410-781-4114 Eldersburg   410-526-2000 River Downs Finksburg



(Hawaii & Alaska are example of too far)


Come into LIBERATORE’S carryout and pick up

one of our family meal packages!

There is plenty to choose from:

All packages feed 6 to 10 people

(and who doesn’t like leftovers)


Package #1 ONLY $49.95

House Garden salad

Baked Penne


6 mini cannoli’s …“Don’t Forgot The Cannoli’s”


Package #2 ONLY $52.95

Caesar salad

Rigatoni Bolognese

Sauteed Broccoli

6 mini cannoli’s…  “Don’t Forgot The Cannoli’s” 


Package #3 ONLY $59.95

House Garden Salad         Kinda

Chicken Parmigiana           Carb

Assorted Sautéed Vegetables     Free!!

Grilled Sausage

6 mini cannoli’s ….“Don’t Forget The Cannoli


Package #4 ONLY 65.95

Shrimp Scampi over pasta

Sinatra Salad –“Dante’s Newest Culinary Masterpiece”

Garlic Bread  

Sautéed Spinach w/ enough garlic to fend off any virus!

6 mini cannoli’s … “Don’t Forget The Cannoli’s”



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