Men's League-2020
Join today! Call the Pro-shop at 410.526.2000 or email Trish at to sign-up!


Two member Men’s team that is a match play THURSDAY NIGHT league with a 10-week season. Men’s tees are white. Discounted food and drink available at the bar after the match.

League Commissioner

Dennis Raver


Entrance fee: $35/person ($70/team) Greens Fees: $12.00/person Cart Fees: $8.00/person. Any single player without a teammate will be randomly matched to other singles to form a team.


Shotgun start at 5:30 p.m. each night, beginning April 16, 2020. Some tees may have two groups depending on how many teams sign up. Time maybe be adjusted to compensate for weather or daylight.


The cash prizes will be distributed in the following manner:

  • First place team 60% of all entrance fees paid in
  • Second place team 25% of all entrance fees paid in
  • Third place team 15% of all entrance fees paid in

Playing Rules

1. All PGA rules will be observed.
2. The maximum score on a hole is double par.


The max handicap is 26 for 9 holes. Handicap will be calculated after 2 rounds of play. One high score and one low score will be dropped, and the average of the other two scores will be used in determining your handicap for the season.


You may have a sub fill in for you! If you do not show up you and have no sub, you will receive NO POINTS. Your opponent will receive an extra two strokes to their handicap for having to play against the course.


Any skins games between teams or players are separate from the league and are between the players and/or teams themselves.


Scoring format is team match play.  One point is awarded to the team for each of the 9 holes won.  The team that wins the most holes is awarded an additional bonus point. The team with the lowest aggregate score also receives an additional point.  Lowest score is determined by taking gross score and subtracting handicap.  In the event of a tie for the lowest score each team is awarded 1/2 point.

Score Keeping

Score cards will be prepared in advance by River Downs each week. If a substitute is used, it is the responsibility of the golfers to adjust the card. After play, the cards must be turned into the Pro Shop. It is the golfers responsibility to total score cards. The league commissioner will double check scoring and handicaps.

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